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Dreidels go high tech for Hanukkah

One of my family’s favorite Hanukkah traditions is a rousing game of Dreidel. (I swear, I’m not just in it for the chocolate gelt!) Each year, we search for the perfect dreidel that spins just right, and we’ve ended up with quite a collection. But I have to say, my favorite new Dreidel may be a virtual one. Enter Super Dreidel, an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad app that goes beyond just a cool graphic spin. Accommodating 2 to 8 players, Super Dreidel three games from traditional mode for the elders, Turbo mode for daredevils and gamers and a...

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Forget candy canes, wrap your holiday gifts in binary code

These days, trying to find the perfect politically correct design for holiday gift wrap can be overwhelming. Not every one of my friends and  family members enjoy every symbol of every holiday. The Think Geek website helped me find a truly agnostic paper however. The binary code wrapping paper is one of several fabulous geeky gift wrap options along with “Christmasbots” and math equations on graph paper , but this has got to be my favorite. Come on! Who doesn’t appreciate a good binary code on their holiday gift? Well, maybe my sons. Who might prefer the zombies. -Beth...

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Happy Halloween! May you keep sticky fingers away from your keyboard.

Our cast of characters here at Cool Mom Tech wish you and your family a sugary-sweet and not-too-scary Halloween!. And thanks for making our first few weeks anything but frightful. Let’s just say, if you came to our door, we’d give you only the full-size candy bars. -Liz, Kristen, Beth, and the entire Cool Mom Tech team {photos doctored using the super-fun Halloween Effects at...

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Ultimate Birthday Party Gift Guide

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