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TripIt’s new feature makes air travel so much less stressful. We’ll take it!

If you’ve ever tried dragging a bunch of tired kids and all of their luggage around an airport while searching for a charging port, a snack, or a bathroom — let alone the gate for the next leg of your flight that boards in five minutes — you’ll know why I’m so happy about the new interactive airport maps that launched today on the TripIt app for Pro users. Yes, airports have their own maps (if you can get most of their stupid websites to load while you’re in the airport) but this one is easy on the eyes, it’s...

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Calling Cool Mom Tech Readers – Can you spare two minutes?

Every year we ask you, our amazing readers, to tell us a little more about yourselves so that we can keep telling you about the products, services, and other picks, tips and tricks, and advice that matter to you and your families. If you would be so kind as to fill out this quick survey (we promise – two minutes!), you’ll be entered to win a $100 Target gift card. Just make sure to include your email at the end of the survey so we can enter you. And if you happen to be a Cool Mom Picks or...

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Monsters by The Candy Band: Kids’ music download of the week

We’re hoping your kids practiced singing along with last week’s download of the week, I’m Not Afraid. This week, we’re testing their bravery and singing along to Monsters by Detroit’s punk-rocking mamas, The Candy Band. Coming off the most perfectly named album for the week leading up to Halloween, More Candy, this song is full of fun punk-rock sass and semi-scary lyrics. Don’t worry though, the mamas behind The Candy Band don’t get too spooky. They know what it’s like to try to put a nervous kid to bed. Download a copy of Monsters from The Candy Band’s More Candy at our affiliate...

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A fast, easy way to identify and block unwanted scam calls. Because no, you did not actually win a free cruise in a contest you don’t remember entering.

It seems the whole National Do Not Call Registry isn’t always effective. Legit marketers have a lot of loopholes; charities, pollsters, political fundraisers and others are exempt; and then there are those shady marketers who simply don’t care. I know, you’re shocked, shocked. Lately, my cell phone has been ringing off the hook with actual numbers that don’t come up on caller ID as unknown and don’t start with 800 or 866 so they seem legit enough to answer. Only if I do, I get a recorded message “from customer service” or “from your credit card company” or “about the winning entry” I have...

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How to use new Twitter Moments: Could it make Twitter a more quick and easy news source?

Notice a little lightning bolt icon at the top of your Twitter feed? No, it’s not a Halloween month tribute to Harry Potter. In an attempt to lure some new folks back to Twitter — evidently 316mm monthly users isn’t enough for some investors — and to keep those of us already there, there more often — yesterday Twitter introduced the brand new Twitter Moments feature, represented by that iconic bolt. As in, quick, click here! Lightning is striking as we speak! Don’t be mislead by the word “moments” which made me think, oh no…is this like Facebook moments, showing me some...

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Cameras that will never ever take a selfie

I love the idea of putting vintage tech objects to use as decorative bookends in a living room or home office — I have a couple of pastel, original Ericophones I use for just that thing. But should you not have a pair of gorgeous, old-school cameras lying around that you can spare, ceramic artist Breck Armstrong has them for you. He takes gorgeous finds that predate words like “selfie” and “untag me please” and incorporates them into these wonderful vintage camera bookends available through Uncommon Goods. It’s the perfect way to bookend a collection of photography books or old heirloom family photo albums, isn’t it? Each pair is handmade to...

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Last-minute donations made easy with tech

If you’re like us, you’re on a tech organization rampage right now, like backing up data, organizing digital photos, and getting rid of those cord tangles once and for all. Or at least until February. But before you close the curtain on 2013, might we suggest making a last minute donation to a worthy cause? Thankfully, you can do it in just a couple of clicks. Over on Cool Mom Picks today, we’ve rounded up our staff’s favorite causes and charities — some you might know, some that might be new to you. All of them could use your...

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The gorgeous iPhone wallet for people who have never wanted one before

I’ve seen quite a few iPhone wallet cases, some of which our readers have gone nuts for, but I’ve never rushed so quickly to  get my own phone in one as with this swanky find from Griffin. The Beamhaus billfold for iPhone 5 from Griffin (man, we love them!) is the perfect twist on an iPhone wallet because it’s not actually a case; which means you can easily slide your phone in and out when you want to use it. The camel leather is simply gorgeous, as is the suede 3-pocket interior, including a special insert to keep your...

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The nanny cam for people who are anti-nanny cam

We have a lot of discussion here internally about the ethics and importance of using so-called hidden nanny cams or other security cameras around the house. But one thing we can all agree on: These security cameras are hilarious.   If you like conceptual recycled cardboard art, want a passive-aggressive gift for a paranoid mother-in-law, want to make a statement about Orwellian predictions, or you just want to let visitors (or sitters or naughty children) know–with a wink–that you are always watching, the cardboard video cameras from France’s Filet Doux on Etsy are absolutely genius. No, they don’t actually work, they...

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The Chrome app for iOS. Buh-bye Safari.

For as long as I’ve had an iPhone (pretty long, in tech years), I’ve been satisfied with the Safari browser that comes with the phone. But now that I’ve tried out the Chrome browser app, I’m switching faster than you can say “what was David Bowie’s first album?” The free Chrome app for iOS has so much of what I love about the browser on my home computer. There’s tabbed browsing so you don’t have to keep hitting that back button to toggle between websites; the ability to import or share bookmarks and preferences by signing in through Gmail;...

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