Lately I’ve been looking for the best way to add a holiday aesthetic to my iPhone, uh…. like all the teenagers in my life do. Of course you can always customize your own iPhone icons yourself, I don’t have quite as much time to spend on crafting the perfect holiday theme.

So instead, I’ve found 3 awesome methods that let you download the wallpaper, widgets, and icons — or holiday-themed replacement icons for the apps you see on your phone screen — so you can get festive in a fraction of the time. And while I have an iPhone, you’ll find most of these suggestions support Androids too.

Considering how much time we use our phones these days, I love the idea of festooning them in holiday garb, too.

Top image: Holiday iPhone wallpaper by LAVA Creations Co


How to add a phone holiday aesthetic to your iOS screen: 3 options

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1. Just change your phone wallpaper for a simple holiday aesthetic

Modern holiday wallpaper from Hey Lady Design

It’s easy enough to simply change your wallpaper on your Lock Screen, so that every time you look down at your phone, you feel the spirit of the season. Use a family holiday photo, a favorite professional photo you download off the web (you can do that if it’s for personal use), or look for fun digital holiday wallpaper created by designers.

We love the modern holiday aesthetic iPhone wallpaper packs from Highliand Farm Design. shown here, or even the digital holiday wallpaper art by a designer like LAVA CreationsCo (up top).  Yes it costs you a buck or two but you’re also supporting a small business owner, which is always nice this time of year.


2. Download a complete iPhone holiday aesthetic from an Etsy artist

Gold Christmas iPhone Aesthetic download from Gabby Aesthetic Design

Lots of Etsy artists offer complete holiday aesthetic themes including hundreds of app icons and background wallpapers so you don’t have to DIY.

This gold Christmas aesthetic from Gabby Aesthetic Design (above) is totally catching my eye right now, if you want to go big and traditional with your phone look. It comes complete with icons, wallpapers, and widget photos. Just be sure whatever you’re buying works with your phone and OS.

Then to install, just use the Widgetsmith app, which I described in this post. Every icon from Pinterest and Instagram to your Uber and Venmo apps will be instantly Christmas-ized!


Beautiful Christmas phone aesthetic downloadable from Appicon studio on Etsy

Search around for something that fits your own holiday vibe, there are so many options! Like this gorgeous hand-illustrated Christmas Phone icon aesthetic from Appicon Studio which gives you all the holiday spirit without doing all the work.

You can also find other shops that sell just the icons — they’re like little costumes you can put on your apps, and yes, they’re still usable! Most themes generally run around $5-10 but plenty are on sale right now in the $3-5 range.

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3. Try an iPhone icon and wallpaper aesthetic app that does most of the work for you

3 ways to add a holiday aesthetic to your phone: Try an app like Brass

If you think you’ll be trying out new phone themes after the holidays are over, you might consider a subscription-based home screen design app for iOS like Aesthetic Kit or above you’ll see a pretty, subtle holiday/winter theme from Brass. While the apps offer free options, be aware you’ll be besieged with pop-up ads; you may want to invest in the the paid versions if you think you’ll be changing themes often.

Also, know that these aesthetic themes aren’t limited to the holidays! You can find themes in soothing palettes or even themes from your favorite shows.