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Addicted to your iPhone? Try this one easy trick to seriously curb your screen time.

I’ve been seeing a lot of research lately that seems to find a correlation between how much time we spend on our phones and our kids’ behavior. Specifically, their bad behavior. The constant distraction of pings and alerts from my phone that takes my attention away from my own kids frustrates them too, especially now that they’re home all day on summer break and I’m trying to juggle work and kids at the same time. But, I’ve recently found a tip to break the iPhone addiction that really works: setting my screen to black and white. It’s painful, but...

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14 of the best organizational apps for parents to help keep you sane | Cool Mom Tech Back to School Tech Guide 2016

We love finding the best organizational apps for parents each year because honestly? We need them ourselves! If you’re anything like me, all household organization seems to disappear over the summer as we fully embrace our laid-back, casual schedule while we can. But now that school is in session, I’m all about getting focused. I  our new routine again, and these apps have been a lifesaver for me. From calendars to homework helpers, team communication apps to smart ways to organize all that artwork that’s going to come home with my kindergartener, these are what I think are some of the...

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How to use the Apple Reminders feature: The ultimate organizational lifesaver in a multitasking world

I’ve recently started using the Apple Reminders feature, which is free and included in your iOS device, and I’ve wondered why I haven’t been using it it more this whole time. With end-of-the-year/beginning-of-summer madness, my mind has been a constant flurry of things I have to remember, and the truth is, using Post-Its, emailing myself and asking the kids to remind me about appointments and deadlines can be less than successful. An often-overlooked feature of iOS devices, Apple Reminders is a very handy way to keep track of so many things, whether it’s items at the grocery store, the next dentist appointment, a birthday present for a nephew, or packing...

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The best apps for parents of the year: Editors’ Best Tech of 2015

Next up in our Editors’ Best of 2015, we’re sharing our picks for the best apps for parents. All of these apps made their debut in 2015 and really do help make our lives as parents a lot easier. Though, the truth is, plenty of these apps are terrific for non-parents too! We hope they help you as much as they’ve helped us. Because hey, we need all the help we can get. -Kristen + Liz     This post is part of of our annual series featuring our Editors’ Best Tech of 2015. No pay-for-play, no contests to enter, no...

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8 simple, smart tips to help work-at-home parents crush productivity and get more done in less time.

There are two things folks typically say when you tell them that you work from home. The first is: You’re so lucky. You get to be in your pajamas all day and wake up whenever you want! Uh, sure. And the second is something along the lines of, I wouldn’t get anything done and probably end up on Facebook/watching Walking Dead/snacking all day. Actually, talk to any honest work-at-home parent and they’ll probably say, “Same, man. Same.” The truth is, it’s a regular challenge for us WAHs too. Trying to stay on task and not get lured away by social media, binge...

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A great light therapy lamp to help you beat the shorter days.

Oh, Daylight Savings. The time that non-parents cheer for that extra hour of sleep. As for me, I kind of dread the shorter daylight hours knowing that Seasonal Affective Disorder tends to hit me hard. I get tired, cranky (sorry, colleagues), crave carbs up the whazoo, and have trouble staying up much past the kids do. So, after much begging from friends for me to try the benefits of light therapy lamps,  I recently spent more hours than you can imagine searching websites, cross-checking reviews, and finally nailing down the one light therapy lamp that seemed like it could help me over the long...

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SelfControl app: For those of us who need a major work distraction intervention

As someone who works on the computer all day, I’ve got my various methods for keeping distractions at bay, aka “How not to check Facebook every four minutes to see who liked the photo of my daughter’s artwork.” But if you’re like me, then you know that sometimes just closing the tabs and logging out of your email is not enough. Which is why you might want to check out SelfControl. This free Mac application (sorry PC users) is a no-joke way to ensure you stay focused because it allows you to block access to distracting websites, your mail...

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9 excellent tips for working parents: How to get back to work after baby as easily as possible

As a full-time working mom, one of the toughest things for me about going back to work after having my babies was, well, going back to work. You’re reacclimating to a work schedule on a paltry amount of sleep that would constitute torture in most international prisons; squeezing back into work clothes that may or may not now showcase new stains of unknown origin; and potentially figuring out the whole pumping business. But for me, the hardest part of all was simply getting used to not being tethered to my child all day. While of course that has some benefits, it was especially hard not to see her when I...

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8 smart ways to make your iPhone less distracting, without turning it off

As much as I love my iPhone and how much it really helps me as a parent, it can also be a huge distraction. Don’t get me wrong, as someone who runs a business and works on a computer all day long, I really do love how much freedom it gives me to be able to do those things I wouldn’t be able to, if I were tied to a desk. Scheduling mid-day doctor appointments, enjoying spur-of-the-moment coffee meet-ups with friends or colleagues, even peeling off an hour to volunteer at my kids’ school–I’m able to do these things in part because of my ability to get that...

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Finally, the Google Calendar app for iPhone is here!

As a diehard Google calendar user and an iPhone lover, I’ve tried out tons of iPhone calendar apps over the years, none of which were actually made by Google. Until now! Once you download the free Google Calendar app for iPhone, you’ll login with your account (or if you’re me, multiple accounts). The app instantly syncs with your calendar, showing what they call “schedule” view on your screen, which is basically a visual representation of all your calendar events that can fit on your iPhone screen, depending on how busy you are, or course. They’ve even included fun graphics for certain things,...

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