You can still make good on that 2018 New Year’s resolution and get started with your workout routine to get in shape. We know, it’s February. But hey, that’s life!

These fitness apps are perfect for parents because you can use them at home, with very little time needed. Like 5 minutes. That’s it! Now’s the best time to do something for yourself and your health. Oh, and swimsuit season is around the corner. Again.

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Fitness apps for busy parents: Sworkit | Cool Mom Tech

The Sworkit motto is no gym, no excuse. Sworkit is the fitness app among fitness apps with something for everyone, from 5-minute to 60-minute workouts and plans. You can choose from strength, to cardio, to yoga, or just stretching. It’s not designed specifically for parents, but you choose the body parts to target and workout that works for you. So basically, it’s kind of for everyone. Sworkit, 30-day free trial, $7.99/month

Seven 7 Minute Workout by Perigee

Fitness apps for busy parents: Seven by Perigee | Cool Mom Tech

The Seven app by Perigee makes working out a game. You can track your workouts and if you miss three in one month, well, you have to start over. It’s basically like a Snapchat streak, but way more useful with those awesome health benefits. Get your friends to sign up and compete against each other. Now we’re talking, right? For 7 minutes a day, that’s the kind of exercise I could get into. Seven by Perigee, 7-day free trial, $9.99/month

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Fitness apps for busy parents: FitMama | Cool Mom Tech

This app helps you tackle “those saggy mummy bits.” Hilarious! The British narrator offers support along the way. I could listen to her all day. FitMama by BeHappyMum offers 5 and 10 minute home workouts that give you options as you go, all of which seemed pretty basic, but a good way to fit in a quickie. Workout, that is. FitMama, 3-month subscription $2.99, 6-month subscription $3.99

5 Minute Yoga

Fitness apps for busy parents: 5 Minute Yoga | Cool Mom Tech

This app is great for experienced yogis and beginners alike. If you enjoy yoga but never find the time, this app will give you the poses and time your 5-minute workout so you can squeeze a little yoga into your busy schedule. If you’re a newbie, this yoga app is awesome because it gives you a quick and easy way to get started. 5 Minute Yoga, free with upgrade options

Busy Moms’ Fitness

Fitness apps for busy parents: Busy Moms' Fitness | Cool Mom Tech

Okay so first, they have program names like “Sexy Mama” and “Muffintop Killer” which definitely got my attention. But the big seller for me was the “Mom & Baby Workout.” Even with a toddler, I’m still looking for ways to exercise with my little one, so I happily gave the free 3-day trial a whirl. The food section looked more like pop-up recipes on mobile. It was definitely more robust online. Busy Moms’ Fitness, iOS-only, $6.99/month

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Power 20 Workouts

Fitness apps for busy parents: Power 20 | Cool Mom Tech

Sometimes there are days that I want to get in a quick workout but I can’t think of what exercise to do next. That’s why I like Power 20. Power 20 is a bundle of various workout apps, including the 7-Minute Power 20 and the New Mom Power 20. They are super basic app workouts with non-invasive Google ads (with sponsor ads optional after your workout) but it gives you something to follow along, which is just helpful. Power 20, free

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Fit Mummy Project

Fitness apps for busy parents: Fit Mummy Project | Cool Mom Tech

These short 15-minute workouts by Kimmy Smith are specifically designed for moms. Why moms? Because her focus is regaining a new normal, like repairing your pelvic floor and healing a stomach separation. It’s never too late to start these exercises, mommas! The app also includes yoga and meditation for an overall new well-being. Fit Mummy Project, one-time $11.99 with in-app upgrades

(Photo by Jacob Postuma on Unsplash)