I’ve been seeing a lot of research lately that seems to find a correlation between how much time we spend on our phones and our kids’ behavior. Specifically, their bad behavior. The constant distraction of pings and alerts from my phone that takes my attention away from my own kids frustrates them too, especially now that they’re home all day on summer break and I’m trying to juggle work and kids at the same time.

But, I’ve recently found a tip to break the iPhone addiction that really works: setting my screen to black and white. It’s painful, but I have to say, it really works.

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Tip to break iPhone addiction: Set your phone to black & white.

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Almost instantly, that desire to grab my phone and check Instagram when I had a couple free seconds went away. Throughout the week at home, I found that I didn’t sit and scroll through my feeds they way I had been, and really didn’t even check it unless I get an alert. (And all this after I’d already cut my notifications way back to only work-related messages).

How to make your iPhone black and white

Easy tip to break iPhone addiction: Switch your phone to black & white in the Accessibility menu

Tip for breaking iPhone addiction: Set it to B&W in the Display Accommodations

Tip for breaking iPhone addiction: Check the Grayscale feature on your phone to turn it to B&W

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So, if you’re ready to go back to the 50s with your black-and-white phone — at least for just a little while — here’s how to do it.

1. Start in your settings app, then tap on General, Accessibility, then Display Accommodations.

2. Then, open up the Color Filters tab and switch them on. One of the options listed is Grayscale. Click that, and your screen will go black-and-white.

There you go! See, aren’t you already less compelled to check it?