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Ever been the person in charge of a group gift, and discovered that special circle of purgatory that involves trying to contact large numbers of people and keep track of who’s done what and who still needs to contribute? Yeah. Not fun.  And then there’s the icing on the cake, which is deciding whose names to put on the finished product even if not everyone participated. Fortunately, we’ve found a brilliant solution.

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SpeakSake offers a unique and very personal way to make a gift for one from many say, for a retiring teacher, Grandma’s 90th birthday,
or a great germ-free way for everyone to greet a new baby. But more so, it makes it completely easy. All you have to do is invite folks to
participate; they’ll be emailed a special call-in number, where they can call at their convenience and record a personalized message to the
recipient. SpeakSake then compiles everyone’s files onto a CD, packages it up all pretty, and mails it off to the giftee.

Voila! You get a little heartfelt piece of everyone who wants to participate wherever they may live, and zero hassle for you. Besides, who
wouldn’t love a CD full of good wishes?