No techie parent needs convincing that the right app can do a lot more than keep your kid entertained while you wait in a long check out line or try to finish your food at a restaurant. The best ones actually teach your kids. Splish Splash Inn, from Shortstack, is one of those great educational-but-your-kids-will-never-know-it apps that we really love.

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Splish Splash Inn teaches kids numbers and counting from one to ten, (in French and Spanish too), but what really makes it a stand out is the adorable music and animation. If you’re a fan of They Might Be Giants videos you might recognize the animated stylings of Divya Srinivasan which bring the lessons to life.

Kids are greeted with ten colorful numbered doors. Open door number 4 and four colorful eels swim in–while a child’s voice says 4 eels and the words appear on the screen for visual reinforcement. I especially love the way kids can move the creatures around and illicit different reactions by touching the animals. Spoiler alert: the eels make a zapping sound.

The app’s is available for both the iPhone and iPad and costs $1.99, which is totally worth it if it means you can actually
finish your cup of coffee in the morning. I mean, if you child can learn something.