To say my girls are obsessed with the range of cake, cupcake, Jell-O mold, and cookie making/decorating iPhone apps out there is an understatement. It’s like the EZ-Bake Ovens of the smartphone era: So fun for kids, it doesn’t even matter whether they eat the results in the end. Enter the Cupcakes! app,

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a fun app where kids can make their own cupcakes from scratch, even decorate them, right on their phone or tablet. No sugar or mess involved. Just some easy tapping and dragging. Sure, it doesn’t replace the real thing, but if you’re on a long drive with your budding foodie, it’s the perfect diversion.

If Maverick is looking for the next follow-up, may I suggest the All-Natural Organic Whole Grain Cupcakes App? Hey, it’s worth a shot.