For so many of us, it’s a tradition to pick up the phone at midnight on New Year’s–okay, maybe 12:03 after we’ve done our kissing a those with us in person and made fun of Snooki–and wish our loved ones a happy New Year.

Obviously Skype has revolutionized what it means to make a phone call, and now it’s finally brought an update to the mobile app that’s going to come in so handy tonight.

The Skype mobile app version 3.0 will enable video calls over WiFi and 3G, and if you’ve got an iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS or iPod touch 4th gen, you can make two-way video calls.

Even iPad or iPod Touch users can receive video calls which is fantastic news.

While the Skype video calls are slower over WiFi and the picture quality on my iPad was not top rate, it’s so much fun making mobile video calls it hardly matters. Tonight is the perfect time to give it a whirl–maybe to show off your swanky party to your sister-in-law stuck home without a sitter? (Ha.) I know my son will want to call his grandparents on their iPhone. And how wonderful that we won’t need to wait until we’re all gathered around my PC to do it. –Beth

Download Skype mobile app now free from iTunes and get ready to make and receive video calls from your phone.Additional data charges may apply for 3G