My gadgets overflow with cool apps for my older kids, but when it comes to my toddler, it’s tough to find ones that are engaging and educational, but not overstimulating. So leave it to the talented folks at Night & Day Studios (makers of the smart Kindermusik app we recently covered) to create an app that’s as popular with my little one as the books it’s based on.

If you’re a fan of Eric Carle (gosh, who isn’t?) then you need to get My Very First app for iPhone or iPad right now. Based on his very popular “My Very First” books, this beautiful app combines Carle’s playful and now famous
artwork with friendly narration and three levels of play; there’s an easy matching game, along with two more challenging memory games that even my 4 year old likes to play.

The two games, Animal Homes and Colors, can be played in English and Spanish, and include the option to lock the game so that your kid can’t exit to the home screen–a welcome option for those of us with button-happy wee ones.

The best part is that there are about five more games available, though you’ll need to purchase them in-app. But it’s definitely worth the extra 99 cents per game in my humble opinion, especially given how much my kids love these games and better, how much I’m seeing them learning. -Kristen

You can purchase the Eric Carle My Very First App for iPhone and iPad from Night & Day Studios at