If I ever have a few minutes to flit around on the Internet and do some surfing (who am I kidding, shopping), I always hit Etsy and troll through the millions of creative products I know I’d never be able to come up with myself.

I especially love the “Geekery” section which features a slew of tech-related items like gadget accessories (a hoodie for your iPhone, anyone?), cool stickers for your laptops and my most recent discovery – tech icon pillows. Yes, pillows!

stumble upon pillow

reddit pillow
rss pillow
android pillow

These fantastic, handmade Internet-inspired pillows by Craftsquatch feature familiar icons from our everyday visual lexicon like the Twitter bird, Gmail envelope and even the little Android (to make up for your lack of apps? Kidding!). I love how colorful they are, and the fact they’re made out of soft felt just makes you want to curl up with one and be reminded of how cozy technology can be.

Or maybe it will just make you want to share it. Depends on whether you nabbed yourself a Stumble Upon pillow. – Jeana

Head to Craftsquatch for internet pillows starting at $16.99

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