Even though I’m the one with a few music degrees, it just so happens that my husband is the bedtime songbird around our house. Only problem is that he travels much of the month, leaving me to try to recreate his original lullabies for each of the kids. And then we found this cool new app that lets him put the kids to sleep, even if he’s not actually here.

The My Voice Baby Lullaby app is ridiculously simple to use but utterly brilliant. Just ignore the cheesy graphics and get right to the good stuff–recording your voice. Simply press record (tough, huh?), sing, talk, yodel, you name it, and then press stop. Then put your phone in airplane mode so your kid won’t be awoken by a call or text and then set the timer (anywhere from 10 to a whole lot of minutes).

The app, which allows you to record up to four different lullabies, loops your song for your chosen amount of time, even periodically lowering the sound so you can hear if your kid has woken up. It’s great if you’re going on a trip yourself or if you’re even out for a night while your kids are home with the sitter.

Of course, my husband decided to get fancy and accompany himself with guitar, but that’s not necessary. Even a sweet bedtime story or poem is nice too, you non-singers. -Kristen

Purchase the My Voice Baby Lullaby app for $.99 at iTunes.com

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