As someone who has memorized most of the lines from the original Star Wars movies, I am all about celebrating the original, mint-in-box goodness of those heady Jedi days.

And if you’ve got the credits, you can even buy a piece of geek history starting tomorrow in the form of vintage Star Wars action figures, from the most surprising place.

Our friends at Gilt Group have a super special, Tattooine-tastic, one-of-a-kind sale coming up tomorrow through Saturday: members will have the chance to view and buy a curated collection of original, mint-in-box, vintage action figures from the original Star Wars launch back in 1977.

There will be figures like Luke Skywalker, his father (I didn’t just spoil that, right?), whole playsets, and the ultra-rare Imperial Forces 3-pack, which is going for an unbelievable $10,000,000 and is one of only five estimated AFA-50 rated sets in existence.

Yeah, we won’t be buying that one either.

But hey, if you’re a gazillionaire Star Wars fanatic, be our guest. Just don’t let the kids take your purchase out to the sandbox to play a round of Send Luke to the Sarlaac. Believe us when we say, the Force is strong with Gilt. –Delilah

Join Gilt through this invitation link for a limited time sale of vintage Star Wars action figures, and you can ogle Han Solo, Boba Fett, and other action figures from back in the days before they had all those weird muscles.