These days, I’ve taken to sporting pictures of my kids both in and on my gadgets. I get crazy compliments every time someone sees my DIY photo iPhone cover featuring my youngest baby, so you can bet I was curious to try out a new service that lets you create custom gadget skins from your own photos.

The Skinit Customizer allows you to create a sturdy adhesive cover, for your precious, whether it’s a smartphone, laptop, mp3 player or gaming devices. Seriously, I think they’ve got everything under the sun. Because who doesn’t need an XBox 360 game controller decked out in leopard?

Simply upload your design or photo and then customize it to your heart’s content–whether it’s adding text and shapes, resizing your photo, even picking a background color, which you’ll need to do depending on your photo size. You can also pick from a ton of existing designs, like sports teams (Father’s Day anyone?), band logos, and designer prints.

I was pleased to see the adhesive is strong but does not leave any residue; I pulled off the corner of mine and indeed, I needed to tug pretty hard, but nothing was left on my laptop.

My only gripe is that I’d love to be able to see an actual proof before I order. It was hard to tell whether my photo would read well when blown up to the size of my laptop. But that’s only because I didn’t use the highest resolution photo. And be sure to pick which section of your gadget correctly; I picked the “back” of my laptop which was actually the “bottom.” Oops. So, now you know for when you get yours. And all the compliments that will surely come your way. -Kristen

Order a customized gadget skin at Skinit. Aren’t my kids cute?

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