I can’t believe my kids are old enough for me to say things like, “Well…we didn’t have that when my kid was a baby,” but a mere six years later and I’m already waxing nostalgia about how much different it was before all the advances in technology.

Case in point–a baby monitoring system you can use right from your iPhone. No kidding.

Forget about those clunky monitors with the constant static and long unruly cords. All you need for the evoz baby monitoring system to work are two iPhones or iPod Touches–and, well, a baby.

Download the app for the system then set one unit in the baby’s room with evoz’s special charger and you can automatically and immediately see everything your little guy is doing, whether you’re in the bedroom next door, or at an office miles away.

(Of course I wonder how many people have an extra phone lying around to use as a baby monitor when they’re away at work.)

Although the company is new and hasn’t yet rolled out the product, it’s getting a lot of attention, and rightfully so. This could be so useful for new moms who need a little baby break, but don’t want to feel so guilty about it. Lucky new moms. -Jeana

Find more about the evoz baby monitoring system online at evo monitors

[h/t techcrunch via @partydotts]

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