We recently re-painted our living room and designated one wall for our arrangement of black-framed photos. In my haste to get the project done, I eyeballed placement–never a good idea. It looked nothing like the spread I saw in Restoration Hardware’s catalog.

Keeping with the “there’s an app for everything” theme, now there’s one that can save you when you’re decorating.

If I had used the clever iHandy Carpenter, I would’ve saved myself the hassle and time of having to adjust everything. This app is a virtual carpentry kit for your iPhone and contains five tools: A plumb bob for checking verticality of walls; surface level; bubble level; steel protractor and a steel ruler. The clarity of these tools is incredible and is a lot easier to use these on your phone that digging through your garage to find the tool you’re looking for.

The next time I hang pictures, I’m going to use this app. The arrangement probably still won’t look like Restoration Hardware’s, but at least it’ll be straight. -Jeana

iHandy Carpenter is available on iTunes for $1.99 and works on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

(h/t erin loechner)