How many of you have you misplaced your phone and had to call your mobile number? My hand is raised over here. But for the times that I’ve called my number and my ringer has been off, and I’ve spent a good 30 minutes retracing my steps to find it, well, as fun as those times have been, I’ve always wished for a Lojack for my cell phone.

TekTrak is a mobile app that enables you to tag your phone, in essence, and keep tabs on it via its complementary website, Download the app onto your phone, and you’re immediately able to locate it via GPS, remotely ring your phone, even see the phone’s location history. So if your phone isn’t charged and the calling it trick doesn’t work, you can see where it last was and locate it. How totally amazing is that?

You can also do things remotely like lock the phone or wipe out data, if you think it has been stolen. It’s so so great, especially for moms who travel a lot. What’s even cooler though, is that this app works so well, it was used to help two parents in Japan locate their daughter after the tragic earthquake. Tracking her location history on the website turns out she was alive and well. Now that’s an app worth having. –Jeana

TekTrak for the iPhone is available in two versions from iTunes. The free version only allows for two uses. TekTrak Pro is $4.99 and provides unlimited usage.

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