If you Android lovers have been enviously eyeing up the NOOK for iPad app, your wait is over. Finally, NOOK has created an Android app brings all the coolness of the NOOK right to your phone or tablet.

There’s nothing overwhelmingly new about the app itself, but if you love your NOOK, then you’ll be glad that you can now access all your books and even lend them out to your friends right from your phone. Just download the NOOK for Android app which is totally free, and then use it to peruse the over 2 million NOOK books for sale, as well as a bunch of free ones, at Barnes & Noble.

Those of you with Android tablets, like the Samsung Galaxy for example, can access a boat load of newspaper and magazine subscriptions. And in honor of the app launch, you can any magazine subscription free for 14 days. So what are you waiting for? Get reading! -Kristen

You can download the free NOOK for Android app at the Android Marketplace or scan the QR Code at the Barnes & Noble website.

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