You might be the type of mom, like me, who loves the idea of mom jewelry but with a bit more of a subtle twist. That’s why I am still coveting the binary cuff from Karla Wheeler and now, this equally beautiful binary code pendant that lets you keep your most heartfelt messages as private as can be.

Even though my birthday and Mother’s Day are already past, I’ll still be forwarding this custom sterling silver necklace to my husband, who is always looking for suggestions for what to get me. I particularly love how this is a bit more sizable than most of the mom jewelry I’ve seen, and that instead of actual binary code, which is represented by numbers, this necklace features large and small dots instead.

It’s the perfect way to wear your baby’s birthday around your neck, but I’m thinking it’s also a lovely anniversary gift. Especially since I still can’t fit my wedding ring back on my still very post partum finger. -Kristen

Purchase the personalized binary code pendant necklace at lolide.