If you have an iPad, you probably already feel pretty cool. What would make it even cooler is to protect that bad boy with one of these eco-friendly iPad cases.

There are so many cool iPad cases on the market, but these are special because they’ve been upcycled, which is a fancy way of saying that they used to be something else.

One of my favorites are the Aire Trashion cases, a great Etsy find. Made from vinyl movie theater banners (how cool is that?) the zippered sleeves are water-resistant and also have protective padding on the interior. Plus, since each case is handmade and the recycled vinyl is sourced from different banners, no two Aire Trashion cases are alike. Now, if I could only find one with Bradley Cooper’s face on it. ($39 excluding shipping)

Looptworks recycled neoprene device sleeves

Another case worth checking out are the Looptworks Device sleeves. Believe it or not, these padded neoprene cases are made from scuba wetsuits. It seems like a perfect match for keeping your little iPad cozy, dry and warm inside. ($26 excluding shipping) -Jeana 

Find upcycled vinyl iPad cases at Aire Trashion, or snag a wetsuit neoprene case from Looptworks.

[h/t mashable]