I downloaded the free for iPhone app way back when I upgraded my first generation iPhone to a pretty new iPhone 4, but it was only recently that I actually decided to upload a book.

Now I’m kicking myself for not doing it sooner. While many people keep telling me that the Kindle experience is much better on the iPad or on an actual Kindle, I’m perfectly happy using it on my iPhone (or Droid, if that’s what you have). And if you’re a mom with a smart phone, here’s why you might love it too.

1. Late night feedings

I used to just sit in the darkness while breastfeeding my baby at night. Now, I get to catch up on a little reading and make good use of my “free” time. The small amount of light is enough that it doesn’t distract my 7-month-old the way a bigger screen would. Still, I don’t recommend using it during a 3am wake-up call–the last thing you need is to get engrossed in a page turner when you and your body really should go right back to sleep.

Amazon Kindle iPhone App

2. One less thing in the handbag

With my book in my iPhone, I’ve got one less thing to carry around. Since I never go anywhere without my phone, that means I’m never forgetting to leave the house without my book either. I just love being able to sneak in a few pages while I’m waiting for my oldest daughter at her violin lesson or ballet class.

3. Little pages, lots accomplished

As an easily distracted reader, I often find myself having to flip back a page or more while I’m reading a regular sized book. But since the iPhone for Kindle pages are relatively short, I can take in whatever is on the small page without my mind wandering in the middle.

And I admit that I like the feeling of accomplishment when I turn a page in a book; you get to do that a lot when you’re reading a book on the iPhone. –Kristen

You can download the free Kindle for iPhone app at iTunes.com or Kindle for Droid at the Amazon Android Market.