With a bunch of little kids running around my house, I put a Speck CandyShell case on my iPad the very moment I brought it home. The problem is, that leaves the screen completely unprotected when I want to pack it in my laptop bag or purse.

So instead of using a laptop sleeve that’s way too big, I’ve got my eye on a beautiful handcrafted one that’s made specifically for my iPad.

Artisan Robbie Matsumoto handcrafts each of her leather iPad sleeves by hand, all of which are lined with a soft anti-scratch micro fiber and feature a snap leather closure. The pretty, barely blue sleeve (top) is exactly what I need to give my iPad extra protection when I’ve got it out and about with me, though I’m considering something a little more gender neutral so my husband won’t mind carrying it with him to work.

iPhone 4 leather cover

I’m also tempted to snatch up one of her iPhone covers (above) to save my iPhone 4 from the same fate–a daily dose of cookie crumbs and Cheerio dust that are a given for any device bouncing around my bag. -Kristen

Purchase a handmade leather iPad sleeve or iPhone sleeve at RobbieMoto.

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