Our first child was born perfect. Ten fingers, ten toes. Still, we had to wait a couple of years to see if she had inherited one very important trait. When she picked up her first lightsaber at age nineteen months, we knew.

We had a nerdy baby. And there was much rejoicing.

Although she still might be a little young for Monty Python–except for the cannibal bunny, natch–she’s just the right age for these fabulous Nerdy Baby digital flash cards.

We’ve loved artist Tiffany Ard of Nerdy Baby since back when we discovered her nerdy alphabet cards, but now she’s taking nerdy chic past ludicrous and straight into plaid with the new Nerdy Baby ABC’s and 123’s app for iPhone.

Your future scientist will love the easy to use finger swipe to get from beautifully illustrated Atom to Zoological Oddity. And with a design easy enough for un-nerdy three-year-olds to master, and they’ll be recognizing pi in no time. Bonus: in addition to 26 letters and 12 numbers, you also get 16 prime numbers from 2 ladybugs to 53 snails.

All in all, the perfect app to keep tiny wonders occupied on the long drive to Orlando to wait in line for Captain EO at Epcot. –Delilah

You can get your own Nerdy Baby ABC’s and 123’s app for only $1.99 on iTunes.