When I was younger, I was only allowed to watch TV on the weekends. I remember scouring the TV Guide that came with the Sunday paper and figuring out which shows I’d watch that week. Boy, have times changed.

Peel is a free iOS app that is a virtual TV guide on your phone. All you have to do is register your zip code and the app automatically finds the cable providers in your area and lists shows, movies and sports times. You can select favorites and over time, the app starts to tailor similar shows and makes recommendations based on what it thinks you’ll like. It also enables you to set alarms so you’ll never have to miss an episode of Real Housewives of New York. Or, you know…National Geographic Explorer.

For $99, you can purchase the Fruit accessory (pictured above) that turns your phone into an instant universal remote control and enables you to control your entire home entertainment center wirelessly from your phone. We haven’t tried it but that could make TV-watching pretty neat. Just like I used to think it was. -Jeana

The Peel app is available for free from iTunes and the Fruit can be found at Apple stores.