I’ve lamented many times in previous posts the sheer number of photos I have on my phone, and the many ways I attempt to organize, manage, fancify and distribute. There are so many apps and services available to help with this process, but a brand new one I recently got a chance to try out is pretty neat.

Photogram is free app coming out June 16 that you can use to create an artistic photo telegram–a.k.a. photogram–with up to four photos. You can select from a huge variety of scrapbook-like themes like Food Holiday, Kids, and oddly, one called Yay Sushi; plus many more that have been designed by independent artists from illustrators to photographers and graphic designers. You can even purchase additional themes for a small fee, with part of the proceeds going right to the artists.

[ed note:Some of the themes are a little cutesie for our tastes, but a few definitely seem promising.]

Personalize your photogram with a note and then send the cute visual over Facebook, Twitter, or email. If there’s a number of people you email photos to regularly, like the grandparents, you can even create a specific group for them to make it even faster to send your next photogram.

If there was ever a way to make those summer BBQ shots of the kids and their ice-creamed faces even more adorable, pair them with the “Pool Theme” by Canadian artist André Jolicouer.  I think you’re going to have a good time with this one, parents. -Jeana

Photogram is a free app available on iTunes.Visit photogram.me and they’ll email you when the app is ready for download, or check out the Photogram Facebook page for more info.

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