Remember last week, when I said I wanted to live in NYC so I could see some real, live yarn bombing? Still true. But now I’ve got another reason on my (very long) list of why I need to go to the Big Apple.

I want to be caught reading on the CoverSpy blog.

See, these self-proclaimed publishing nerds take notes of the people they see reading books on the subways, streets, parks, and bars of New York. And then they post their findings daily on their blog, CoverSpy. You can check it out for a harmless and voyeuristic peek at what real people are really reading. Hint: Most of it ain’t in Oprah’s Book Club.

If you’re a lit nerd like me, it’s a great way to live vicariously through others. Not to mention get some fresh ideas for your TBR — that’s to be read — pile. Of course my favorite part is reading the descriptions of the people. Now, if only they had pictures, I’d really be hooked. –Delilah

Check out who’s reading what where at CoverSpy. They also tweet.

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