Do you know a good iPad app to track nursing, diapers, growth, etc. that would work well for twins? -question via Twitter

We’ve done some searching and found the Total Baby app which has a ton of great features and can handle up to six kids’ data–just in case you decide to have four more in rapid succession. I like that it looks pretty easy and straightforward to use since I’m the type who needs help programming a digital watch.

Total Baby helps you keep track of everything from feeding, to diapers, to sleep patterns for each child which is especially helpful when you’re living on two hours of sleep and can’t remember when you last washed your hair. The dual timer capability is great for twins since they will probably be on different schedules, just to make things interesting.

One feature I love? If you set a timer, it will automatically stop ringing if you get too busy to shut it off. Or if you are just way too comfy on the couch to get up.

Total Baby also gives you space to log info from doctor’s visits, vaccinations and even a growth chart that can be adjusted for premies. And for those sentimental moments you want to remember, there is a diary with space for a photo to go along with the text. If I remember those days correctly, my first sentimental photo would be of the two babes sleeping peacefully, at the same time. –Christina

Download Total Baby for the iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad at iTunes.

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