We keep hearing about summer brain drain for kids who are on summer vacation. But for those ambitious parents out there who are already eying the Ivy Leagues for their toddlers (oh not you, of course), it’s never too early to start making pathways between those neurons and sparking new brain synapses.

A cute new app can get kids on the right track for years ahead of learning adventures. Whether or not you hope kid ends up with a full academic scholarship to Stanford.

Pre-K Letters and Numbers (with Real-Time Reporting), despite the decidedly not-fun name, actually is a fun way for young kids to learn how to master numbers and letters on the iPhone or iPad. The child tracing the letters and numbers has to be pretty precise, otherwise the app responds with, “uh oh,” so it’s probably more appropriate for preschoolers and up who have better hand-control mastery.

Preschool letter and number app

What’s different about this app is that there’s a complementary reporting function which should get some parents really excited. When you unlock this in-app function for $1.99, you can track your kid’s progress with the letters and get “report cards” on their success. It tells you everything from how many attempts were made before a letter was perfected, how long the child spent on the app, and percentile for success within the age range.That said, we kind of hope you’re actually sitting with your preschooler to use this app with them, and not just handing it off for two hours while you go research G+T programs. -Jeana 

Pre-K Letters and Numbers for the iPhone or iPad is available for free from iTunes. The in-app reporting feature can be purchased for $1.99.

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