Operation, Shmoperation. Forget that old naked guy and his lame Charlie Horse; I’ve found a version that’s much, much cooler for the entire family.

Because it’s R2D2

Yes, I’m one of those people for whom anything can be improved with the addition of Star Wars. Thus, Star Wars Operation. Honestly, Operation was just another example of a game I cared nothing about until it came down to saving my favorite astromech droid from horrible mechanical maladies. What’s that, Artoo? You’ve got a Lodged Lightsaber? I can probably help, provided Threepio isn’t breathing down my neck, trying to be helpful.

The only bad news is that it’s on pre-order now and won’t be available until September. But I’m willing to wait that long to introduce my children to the wonderful world of home surgery with metal tongs. We’re going to save you, R2D2! –Delilah

Preorder the Star Wars Operation board game at ToyWiz.com.