I get such a kick out of watching my girls get creative–putting on plays, making up songs, doing puppet shows. (Shades of my own childhood!) And now there’s an absolutely inventive, wonderful app that let’s them do that very thing right on an iPad.

If you have creative kids and an iPad, click over stat to the iTunes store and download the PlayTime Theater app.
Your kids can select their main and secondary characters, dress them up, add sound effects, move the characters around the “stage” in dress rehearsal mode, and finally, record the whole thing, including their own voices as the narrators. In the end, they’ll have up to 2 minute little stage plays that are like their own animated show.

PlayTime Theater iPad app for kids
PlayTime Theater iPad app for kids

Right now the set is a castle with the requisite knights and princess characters, perfect for both boys and girls. But it seems like new setups are coming with future updates and we can’t wait.

The navigation is fairly simple; my six year old can manage it very well on her own once I gave her a little help to get it started. My four year-old is close behind. What’s super cool though is the ability to upload your own child’s photo as one of the character heads. Should they want to be the knight or the evil sorceress themselves.

I can’t stop laughing when I listen back to one of my daughters’ plays, in which the “crazy prince” (in a dress) and a jealous unicorn grant 3 wishes to a princess who likes to play with a set of chattering teeth, before they all lived happily ever after. Of course. –Liz

Download the PlayTime Theater app from iTunes for iPad for just $2.99

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