I’ve seen my fair share of iPad cases and sleeves, all of which tend to look like they’re holding an iPad.

But when I saw these beautiful, handmade sleeves, I actually had to look at the description before realizing what they were for.

The iPad Braid flap sleeve from Australian-based BagyBag looks more like a cool over-the-shoulder bag, which, by the way, are super hot right now, rather than an iPad case. Each sleeve is made with linen and denim, along with a padded, water-resistant lining.

It functions as a regular sleeve without the detachable strap, but certainly makes it handy when you just need to carry your wallet and your iPad, and not your entire bag, which if you’re like me, contains everything you and a small village would need to survive for a few days. -Kristen

Purchase the iPad Braid flap sleeve from BagyBag on Etsy.

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