You know that you’ve truly made it to A-list status in the tech world, when your company becomes its own verb. Think Google, Facebook and Skype.

We all know by now that Skype is an amazing tool that anyone can quickly pick up. Even my less-than-tech savvy mother-in-law who still calls it Sky-pee. And just last week they launched a mobile app that Mac fans should be squeeing about.

The new Skype WiFi mobile app for iOS means you can now Skype from anywhere to any fellow Sky-pee (hey, wait a second). So, when you’re traveling and are 500 miles away, you can still say goodnight to your cuties without racking up huge roaming charges. You can also check email, Facebook, tweet, download music and more.

The app is powered by WiFi networks, which means you can basically Skype anyone from just about anywhere. Pricing starts at $0.06/minute which you pay for in advance with Skype credit. I know my mother-in-law is in.  -Jeana

Skype WiFi is available for free for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad on iTunes.