It never failed when I was an elementary school teacher, that I dropped my whole first paycheck on classroom supplies. Not only was the classroom budget never quite enough, but it was often necessary to lean on the wallets of parents to pick up the slack as well–extra tissues, disinfecting wipes, ziploc baggies. It all adds up.

In September, Bing announced the launch of their new site Bing Deals, and the name¬†was recently changed to MSN Offers.¬†And it’s not only going to help you, it’s going to help a whole lot of schools.

By aggregating deals from more than 200,000 sites like Groupon and Living Social, plus the likes of Zappos and Best Buy, MSN Offers does the work of sorting through the fluff and finding just the deals you want. It saves you the headache of signing up at multiple sites, not to mention the build-up deal-mail in your inbox.

But maybe the best news about this announcement is their partnership with local schools. By working with schools and their PTAs, MSN Offers hopes to source deals in communities that will put money right back into the local school systems.

Once school systems sign up with the program, and local¬†merchants are found to participate in the voucher program, MSN Offers will help¬†promote and fulfill the deals. So when you grab the discounts from them, you’re not only saving money and supporting local businesses, you’re also¬†putting funds directly back into your schools.

Hey, I’d¬†gladly give up the peddling of wrapping paper and popcorn in return for¬†shopping local and putting more money in the hands of my schools and¬†teachers. -Molly

Help your school through MSN Offers (which was Bing Deals). Check out this animated video to see how MSN Offers can work for your school.

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