A couple of years ago when I was searching for a small tripod for my now defunct Flip camera, all my trusted techie friends told me to get a Joby GorillaPod. And not surprisingly, I was not disappointed.

Since then, they’ve added a few fantastic products to their line up that I think might be of interest.

The GorillaMobile offers the same features as the GorillaPod, except it props up your smart phone, which is super helpful if you use your phone on your kitchen counter, desktop, even on your nightstand. And you can attach it to any surface–like hanging it on your front console in your car or on the back headrest for long trips.

If you still use an actual point-and-shoot camera, you’ll also get the universal camera adapter, so you can take pictures or video without having to worry about a shaky hand and lugging a gigantic tripod with you. Who has room for one of those these days? -Kristen

Find the GorillaMobile and other flexible tripods online at Joby.