Between our membership to the Boston Museum of Science and frequent viewings of Here Comes Science, my kids are growing up thinking that science is the coolest subject out there. It’s a far cry from how I felt about it in high school myself.

And now we have Bobo: A little robot who has come to earth via your iPad to make science even more amazing for your kids.

The first of what I hope will be many Bobo apps is called simply Bobo Explores Light. Made specifically for the larger format of the iPad, it is packed with information for kids ages 8-12–though my six year-old gets a huge kick out of this, even if he doesn’t understand it all.

Bobo Explores Light is one of the pricier apps I’ve downloaded, but there is a lot more here than a few screens of games or videos. I’ve had the app for a little while now and haven’t had time to explore each of about 15 topics, from auroras to photosynthesis. Think of this more like an ebook versus a game app, and the cost will seem like a bargain for all you get. Especially once you get a load of the gorgeous graphics.

Bobo Explores Light app | Cool Mom Tech

But for kids? It’s about Bobo. What makes this little guy appealing to my kids is that he’s no know-it-all robot but an awestruck discoverer of things like light and the sun’s energy–he captures their awe at things they don’t understand (yet). A pleasant-sounding narrator provides additional explanation via pull-down screens that also included more text, cool videos and relevant pictures.

There are also plenty of “teaching” games: Make a disco for Bobo using refracted light, or show what can happen when you open an umbrella in a thunderstorm.

My one wish would be for the drop-down boxes of text to be read aloud, for kids who struggle with reading. Even so, it’s a great app for kids to grow into over time. Hook them while they are young, and hopefully they will never approach science class with the same dread as I once did. –Christina

Download Bobo Explores Light for the iPad from iTunes.