iPad digital books are so common, my kids have become quite the critics. So I know that we had a hit on our hands when all three of my boys are fighting over one.

We are definitely digging Brave Rooney which is absolute fun. Why? This story from Emmy-nominated kids TV writer Gerry Renert, is about superheroes, but not the licensed superheroes of yore. These guys are indie, and boy do they rock–they all attend a superhero school and they have a new student from Normalville who has some learning to do to become extraordinary himself. (Remind you of a certain book about Wizards and Muggles?)

The message is not only a great one for kids, the illustrations are captivating and the interactive features keep kids engaged, involved, and reading. There are things to press, move, and manipulate with your finger, making each page a beautiful new creation. Watch the teaser, and you, too, will be sold like my kids are. –Eva

Brave Rooney is available on iTunes for iPad and iPhone and is great for kids 4-8 or so.