Scribble Kid iPad appSome of the apps on my iPad blow me away with their technological innovation, their touch-screen capabilities, and their ability to make my kids gasp, shriek or just marvel at how cool they are.

But, the latest app they are hogging my iPad for hardly does anything at all. And that’s the entire point.

The new (and free!) Scribble Kid App for the iPad is an open-ended drawing pad for my kids to express themselves in any way they want. The main page—actually, the only page—is a “sheet” of white paper with a dozen markers peeking out from the top. Click the marker to choose the color and draw…whatever.

As soon as your child’s picture is done, her drawing is saved in your photos so that you can share them with anyone (or quietly delete them without saying a word).

Kids who need a wee bit of inspiration can select from one of forty pre-drawn shapes, like a big heart, circle or even waves in the middle of the page, but nothing is animated, noisy, or blinking. In fact, it’s about as close to grabbing a pad of paper and a handful of markers can be, though you’ll never have to search for the cap to the marker. Christina

The Scribble Kid App for the iPad is free and available at iTunes.