We already think HopStop is a lifesaver for city-dwellers and city-goers. HopStop helps you navigate 62 major cities using detailed directions that walk you through one public transit system to the next. We even love that their directions conveniently tell how much carbon you’ll save and calories you’ll burn by walking a few blocks instead of riding all the way to your destination. (FYI: You’ll have to walk from Yankee Stadium to Central Park to burn off that soda you had at lunch.)

But now, teamed up with FitPregnancy, HopStop has added another great feature we think you mamas will love.

When searching for directions in New York City and the tri-state area, you can select stroller and wheelchair-friendly routes. No more lugging strollers down three flights of steps to catch the subway Sounds good to me. It will even tell you if the route you’ve chosen is stroller/wheelchair-friendly.

Whether you’re planning a visit to NYC, or just planning a trip across town, this feature is one more reason to love HopStop.

So far, the new feature is only available for New York City and surrounding tri-state area. We’re rooting for the other 61 cities next.

HopStop city transit routes are available on the HopStop website or for iPhone, Android or Blackberry.  

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