8-Bit BowIf you’ve got a Super Mario fan or a member of Team Unicorn in the house, here’s a fabulous stocking stuffer to show her 8-bit pride. And you get bonus points for wearing fuse beads as fashion.

The 8 Bit Bow is a cute and subtle way to wear your geekery. You can go with the classic red and black bow or choose your own colors from over forty shades of Perler fuse beads on French barettes, including glow-in-the-dark yellow. You know–for when Princess Peach is in the castle and could use a little more light.

They do need seven to ten days to create your bow and ship it, so if you’re looking for a peachy stocking stuffer, be sure to plan ahead. They can also add a pin to the bow instead, making it an excellent addition to a cute bag or even a geek guy’s bow tie. If they could just create a full-body Frog Suit from fuse beads, I think you would really be set.~Delilah
Find the 8 Bit Bow in the 8bitclassics store on Etsy. They also have Mario Blooper barrettes and can make pretty much anything from Nyan Cat to Dr. Who into a keychain or necklace using Perler beads. That’s hardcore 8-bit!