If you were like me, you anxiously awaited the iPhone 4S and accompanying iOS 5 announcement. As an iPhone 4 owner, I realized that the “S” didn’t have enough new features to warrant me making the upgrade, but I was still pretty stoked about the new software and everything magical it would bring to my phone.

The only thing iOS 5 ended up bringing to my phone was massive battery drain and my phone going from 100 percent to about 30 in a period of a couple hours–now a known issue. If you got a new 4S and experienced this problem as well, you may have ended up exchanging the phone for a new one. (Apple is generally pretty great that way.) Or maybe you tried out the many reported ways to improve battery life, like turning off Notifications, disabling Wi-Fi, adjusting Auto-Brightness.

And I even did those, but nothing worked. Luckily, with a little patience, a lot of charging and the new software update, iOS 5.0.1, the phone has been restored to its usual battery life.

If the software update still isn’t working for your phone, definitely hit the geniuses at the Apple store and see how they can help.

Even though my battery is back to normal, it’s made me realize that a full battery is never to be taken for granted and having even more battery power is a very good thing. If you’re looking for some great battery boosting packs to extend your phone’s life even more and not worry about charging everyday (one less thing to think about!), here are three great options.

Mophie Juice Pack Air 
The Mophie basically doubles the life of your iPhone battery and provides tons of extra time to talk, surf and distract your kids with apps (hey, we all do it). It’s a streamlined case that hardly adds any bulk to the phone and there’s even a nifty LED indicator on the case that tells you how much “juice” you have left. The case is also designed to act as a virtual speaker box to enhance sound – an added bonus. (Comes in black, red or white. On sale now for $55.95)

Exogear Exolife

Exogear Exolife 
The specs on the Exogear are impressive: you can get an additional 300 hours of standby time, 7 hours of talk time, even 10 hours of video time. It’s a very light case than adds only millimeters of extra heft to the back. I like that the Exogear conserves battery when it’s not in use and turns itself off. (Comes in black or white, $79.95)

PhoneSuit Elite

PhoneSuit Elite
PhoneSuit Elite offers another fabulous case that boasts double the battery life and provides a slim design for your phone. It charges quickly and gives you ultimate battery power in less than two hours. The Elite also comes with a built-in LED indicator that you can activate to check the battery status. (Comes in black or white, $79.95) -Jeana 

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