New Year's Eve countdown in Times Square
Call me an old fuddy-duddy, but there’s not much about the Times Square New Year’s Eve crowds that has me wishing I was there in the thick of things watching the ball drop. But with this nifty free app, The Times Square Countdown, I can watch a live stream of the festivities right on my phone. 

The app includes a countdown to the new year–something
my kids check way too often
, live streaming from the Times Square
Ball Cam and the NYE webcast, and a little history behind the 104
year-old celebration. It even comes with a set of New Year’s e-cards
that allow you to drop your mug onto a jumbo Toshiba screen in the heart
of the celebration. Then your New Year’s virtual wishes can be emailed,
or even posted to Facebook and Twitter. 
Whether you’re ringing in the New Year in high style, from the comfort
of your bed (guilty!), stuck at an overpriced prix fixe dinner while the sitter charges you $25 an hour, or just stuck on the 8-hour road trip home from Grandma’s
house, now you can join in the Times Square festivities.

And grab that midnight smooch no matter where you are. -Molly

Times Square Countdown is a free app available for both iPhone and Android.

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