Educate yourself with the iTunes U appIf you constantly have regret about sleeping through all those 8:30 AM college classes or have always wanted to learn another language, technology is now making it mighty easy to add a couple IQ points, in the comfort of your own homes. An updated version of the iTunes U app, part of Apple’s revolutionary education announcement last week, is going to make limitless learning accessible to anyone with an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. 

You can access free, totally complete courses and content
from major universities around the country like Yale, Stanford, MIT and
even venerable institutions like the New York Public Library, MoMA, and the Library
of Congress. That means you can listen to the actual lectures, see presentations, and even get push notifications when there’s new content ready for you.

To top it off, you can complete
homework assignments and follow along throughout the semester–only without teacher feedback or some kid kicking the back of your chair the whole time. 

This is the world’s largest catalog of free education content. Think about it–all free.

This could change the world.

As for now, this an
amazing resource for anyone who wants to learn something new, plus it’s
obviously a fantastic asset for educators, current students and homeschooling parents. I mean, why can’t third graders learn
about molecular biology? -Jeana 
The iTunes U app is available for free for all iOS 5 devices.