blythe king In some relationships, nothing says I love you like some shiny, brand new, coveted tech gadget. I can think of a few women who would gladly trade those flowers and chocolates for an iPad 2. If that’s your plan this day, then consider this adorable iPad case to go with it.

Blythe King upcycles vintage fabrics into cushy, sturdy handmade iPad cases
that she calls iSockit–because they’re soft as socks. Fabrics range
from tweeds to army wool to a cool case that was a pair of OshKosh
overalls in its former life. But if you’ve got an iPad heading your way
for the 14th, I’d go for this heart button iPad case which will not ruin the surprise in the same way that particularly shaped little brown box from the Apple store will.

There are also iSockit cases for MacBooks, iPhones and the Kindle Fire. No hearts. But then, that’s in the giving, isn’t it. –Liz

Find handmade gadget cases online from Blythe King on Etsy. Each one is one of a kind, so if this one is sold out, convo the artist and see what she can do for you.