Everything Butt Art app for kids
I don’t know what my kids like more–playing with this new CMP fave book-turned-app, or hearing me say, “Here, kids. First draw a butt.”

From the people who brought us the wonderful Everything Butt Art book comes the brand new, just launching today, Everything Butt Art app for iPad that is truly just as fun as the paper and pencil version.

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Yes, you can draw a monkey, ostrich or tiger by first drawing a butt.
And that’s not all. There’s a whole zoo full of animals that get their
shape from that shapely part of the human body.

get kids started, the app gives a few sample pages from the book. After
that they can jump to a drawing notebook with instructions to draw the
animals they just read about. The app will guide your child along,
giving them tracing lines and step by step directions. The pad includes a
bunch of fun tools to work with too, like colored 
Get kids drawing with the Everything Butt Art app
and paintbrush in different widths and shades, and a stamp pad and
eraser–to add all kinds of color and cool details to their work. And if
your child is one to just do their own thing, or wants to try drawing
without the help, simply choose the freestyle option. 

app comes with a decent sampling of book pages and animals to draw. But
there is also the option to buy in-app upgrades that give instruction
for drawing more animals from the zoo. By creating a profile your child
can earn badges and have more ways to save and share their work. And if
they ever tire of drawing, they can go on a butt hunt. Oh, yes. They

I can see this app getting a lot of play
time in my house and with the step by step help even my four year old
can turn out a pretty good tiger. And to think, it all started out with a
nice butt. -Molly

The Everything Butt Art “At The Zoo” app launched today and is a free download in the iTunes store!

Congratulations to the 10 winners of an Everything Butt Art book!  They are Elizabeth H, Jodi B, Shelley C, Mandy C, Shaun S, Amanda D, Nina S, Martha M, Whitney M, Kristi D

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