We all know that texting and driving don’t mix. But whether we don’t trust our text-loving teen–or even ourselves when we hear the joyous ding of a new message on our phone–this genius app has a very clever solution. (And hint, hint: It’s not letting your 10 year-old read your texts aloud to you while you drive.)

Textecution may be the death of texting while driving. This app, once installed on your phone, detects when your phone is going over 10mph. Once recognized, your phone is on lockdown. No texts can be sent or received. And while you can request permission to override the feature (don’t do it!) when the app detects your speed has gone below the 10 MPH threshold, all functions will resume and the app will continue running in the background.

Updated to Add: Textecution no longer exists

Worried about being able to text from the passenger seat while taking the Metroliner to DC? All that’s required is a quick and simple “allow” by the app administrator–A.K.A. the person who installed it on the phone.

A.K.A. the parent.

If your teen tries to delete the app off their phone, Textecution will automatically send a text to the parent and–how kind of them!–send a free download back to your teen’s phone.

Textecution is currently only available for Android phones, but other versions are in the works!

Updated to Add: Textecution no longer exists

[via Apartment Therapy]