The Super Adventures of Sophie and the CityFirst-time author Kelly Florio Kasouf penned a chic and whimsical children’s book, The Super Adventures of Sophie and the City, that caught the hearts and minds of New York’s fashion elite. Why? Kasouf’s actual dad is Steve Florio, the former president and C.E.O of uber-glam publisher Conde
Nast. The book is all about Kelly, or um Sophie’s day with her dad at at the Conde Nast

Well now the book has made it to the app world. Signs that the publishing industry is now joining the internet revolution instead of trying to beat it?

The book is a visual delight. Think frame-worthy illustrations of
little Sophie exploring the legendary halls of Conde Nast and making
friends along the way with Vogue’s larger than life editor Andre Leon
Talley and fashion designer/fairy godmother Isaac Mizrahi.

It’s like a 21st century fashionista’s version of Eloise at the Plaza.

The Sophie and the City iPad app
allows little fashion editors in training to take a tour of New York
City through Sophie’s wide eyes–meaning only the chicest spots, darling. They’ll also have the opportunity to color some of the beautiful illustrations.

Fear not, fashion averse: regardless of how tantalizing the Vogue closet may be, Sophie knows it’s family that really tops the masthead. –Melissa

The Super Adventures of Sophie and the City iPad app is available on iTunes for $.99.