Swedish app developer and CMT favorite Toca Boca has done it again. They somehow read my lingonberry and minimalist furniture-loving mind, and channeled it into a shiny new app released today that your kids are going to love, the same way they love every Toca app.

Toca House is filled with 19 mini games so there’s plenty to do, as kids explore a cozy, multi-story house high on a grassy hill along with five new friends. And these friends just so happen to be all about mowing the lawn, sweeping floors, washing dishes (my two groupies’ personal fave since the dishes break with a raucous clatter when dropped–sigh), unpacking groceries, ironing clothes, scrubbing and tubbing, and more domestic duties. And hooray, it’s not an app just for girls in the least.

While I don’t think doing chores will become a trend at our actual house anytime soon, maybe Toca Boca can work on putting subliminal messages into its next bit of digital coolness. Kidding. Sort of.-Pilar

Download the brand new Toca House app for iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad for $1.99 on iTunes. This marks their 11th release, and yes, we have them all.

Learn more about Toca Boca apps on their website or see our previous reviews.