Watch your DVDs on your phone with the TV Anytime app
Picture this – you’re into hour two of your long road trip to the inlaws, only to discover that you left your DVD player with Cars 2 on the kitchen counter. All those painful whines could have been averted if you had the TV Anytime app.

TV Anytime is a mobile app that lets you download
any media content from your PC wirelessly to your mobile device. You can upload
your entire DVD library to your iPad or mobile device (if you have the memory, of course) without having to
re-purchase it on iTunes, Netflix or whatever streaming media provider
you use. 
Set-up does take a couple of steps because you have
to download the $4.99 app onto your device, then the software onto your PC, and sign up for an account. And I’m not crazy about the fact that the
only option for creating an account is by logging in through Facebook–there should be a way to create an account through the TV Anytime website.
That said, once you’re all set up, it’s pretty neat that I can have that
Cars 2 DVD playing on my computer and then on my iPad.
You can access other media content through the app as well–TV
shows like Glee, Gossip Girls, Fringe–
but the real differentiator for TV Anywhere is being able to transfer
your library of DVDs at home to your device. 
Keep in mind that taking advantage of this
feature definitely takes planning – something you need anyway if you’re
embarking on a long road trip with kids. The DVD “ripper” function on
the app needs the entirety of content to be played out before uploading
to the iPad. So, I had to have the entire Pixar flick playing in the background while I worked, and the upload still didn’t start until the movie was over. 
Just be prepared that if
there are a handful of movies you want to transfer, you’ll need a day or
two to get everything locked and loaded. 
However the great thing is that once the content is
uploaded, you don’t have to worry about finding a WiFi or 3G network
to press play.

Anything that helps
lessen whine frequency to any degree is a road trip savior in my book. -Jeana 

TV Anytime is available for iOS and Android for
$4.99. Users can also record the top 25 TV shows through the app for
free, but for a greater selection of TV and movies, there is a $1.99
monthly subscription fee.

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