Wurm Junior kids' art appI find that with kids and apps, sometimes simple is best. Such is the case with a funky, fun, creative iPad drawing experience known as Wurm Junior.

A tot-targeted spinoff of the very cool original Wurm app, the Wurn Junior App
is a creativity-inspiring drawing app that I’d
imagine kids of any age with an artistic bent will enjoy. Select one of
the 15 “wurms” and even a 2 year old can easily trace his finger around
to create cool, colorful trails using the fun shapes. Even so, my 6
year old loves it just as much.

It’s intuitive, kind of zen, and beyond simple–double tap to return to
the graphic menu, or shake to clear the screen. That’s it. No in-app
purchases, no filling Mommy’s inbox with screen shots of 479 creations (though you can
save a screenshot with the home/power button combo). Even I like messing around with it.

Also: great for college kids on mushrooms.

wurm junior app(Sorry, couldn’t resist.)

Developer and designer Anna Oguienko has generated such a cult following
with her graphics, that now she even sells great-looking iPod Touch and
iPhone cases made from the Wurm junior designs. But I bet it would be cool to take your own kid’s drawing, and upload it into a custom iPhone case too.  –Liz

Buy the Wurn Junior App for $1.99 for iPhone or iPad, or if you want a lot more functionality and control with your drawings, download the original Wurm app, also for $1.99.